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2021-2022 Hall of Fame Presentations

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Ed McCarthy receives his brother, Thom McCarthy’s plaque
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Kevin Reilly, Historic Society President, 2022 Hall of Fame Opening Remarks
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Paul Balukus (2022 Hall of Fame Event, Co-Chair) and Kevin Reilly (President) – recognize the Friberg/Schaffner Family
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Frieberg/Schaffner and Feimer family members, enjoying the evening with President Kevin Reilly
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Maryellen Barnes enjoys her 2022 recognition with Family and Friends, celebrating 50 years of the Teen Show
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2022 Hall of Fame Event Co-chair, Barbara Johnson, with Treasurer Artie Lighthall and Pat Lighthall…

The 2022 Hall of Fame Banquet was held at the Colony Theater on Sunday, August 28th, 2022. Scroll through the pictures to view some highlights from the event honoring 2021 and 2022 recipients.

Hall of Fame Banquet 2022

The Breezy Point Historical Society has established the tradition of holding a Hall of Fame Banquet towards the close of the summer season when we recognize residents who, over the past century and more of our existence, have been instrumental in diverse ways in the growth and development of our community. The honorees may be living while others may be deceased, from various walks of life, some prominent and others less so but no less deserving of recognition, some well-known while others may exist as flickers of memory yet, in their day they left their mark. Throughout our history many individuals and families made extensive efforts to build a better community in many ways, and we thought it to be appropriate to cast a wide net to consider and even rediscover many of those individuals who in a figurative sense were the foundation stones of our community over the past century. While the contributions of each person we induct into our Hall of Fame may have been unique, what they have in common is their love for our community and that each, in his or her own way, helped to build the structure, stone by stone, of our increasingly strong hometown. In doing so, they also helped to build our history.

Because of the covid pandemic, we were forced to cancel the 2020 and 2021 Banquets, so that we have been eagerly anticipating this year’s Banquet. However, because of the cancellations we were unable to publicly recognize the 2021 Honorees: The Friberg-Shaffner legacy, Thom McCarthy, and Theodore Feimer, Sr. We are now able to do so along with the 2022 recognition f or Maryellen Barnes and the Teen Show with which she has been associated for fifty years of adolescent growth and fun. You can find links to their respective biographies on the main Hall of Fame page.