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the header image displays a small airplane dragging the BPHS Banner over the ocean near Breezy Point, Rockaway Point, Roxbury and the Watch Tower.

Christmas Ornaments

The Breezy Point Historical Society has received its shipment of the 7th Limited Edition Christmas Ornament. New this year is the ornament’s redesign to present a Then and Now image in addition to the society’s title and the little red wagon.

The Historical Images presented on the 7th Edition ornament are of the R.P B.P. Catholic Club in recognition of its one hundred years of existence. The ornament’s front image is of the current structure and on the rear is the image of the Catholic Club as depicted on a 1923 postcard.

During the past one hundred years the Catholic Club members and building have served this community in many ways. What once was a summer only organization, is a year-round organization that not only supports and promotes Catholic Values but also provides, among other things, space for community meetings, family gatherings, support services during disasters and sponsoring the end of summer season event, Mardi Gras. The Catholic Club is, and continues to be, one of the top places to go.

Once again, this year, BPHS ornaments will be available for purchase at the Ridgewood Savings Bank, the various society presentations, at a table outside the stores, weather permitting, and at the BPHS office on Thursdays. The cost is $10.00 each and go on Sale the first week of August. If you are interested in purchasing an ornament you can also leave a message of the society’s phone 718-474-3555 or email at A Catholic Club ornament would make a great gift for any occasion. Shop early, ornaments are limited and usually sell out quickly.


The mission of our incorporated not-for-profit organization is to preserve the history of the “point” from the 1890’s to the present by collecting and categorizing documents be they photographs, brochures, artifacts, maps, etc. To date we have been successful in memorializing thousands of individual pieces of history, made easier by last year’s purchase of a new desktop computer and specialized computer program software to categorize these materials.

We rely on individual and business memberships to offset our annual expenses of office costs and purchase of equipment. It is for this reason we are asking that you support the Breezy Point Historical Society by renewing or taking an individual annual membership of $25.

You can download a printable copy of our 2023 membership application. Your $25.00 annual membership is important as it allows us to continue exploring and saving our history. Please return by mail. Due to construction in the building our office is closed until the end of June. Thank you in advance for your support.

2022 Journal

Our 2022 Journal is now for sale at the Ridgewood Savings Bank

Bookcover: Footprints in the Sand Revisited

Footprints in the Sand Revisited,

Is the book by Breezy’s own historian Mary Elizabeth Smith and co-author Lee Rosenzweig. Their beautiful coffee table book includes some of Mary Elizabeth’s best articles from her column in the Pointer with new photographs from the Society’s collection.

The book can be purchased in the Breezy Point Historical Society's office