2021 Edition of the Breezy Point Historical Society Newsletter
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2021 Newsletter

Dear Members & Friends

BELATED HAPPY ANNIVERSARY-----The Breezy Point Historical Society’s 5th Anniversary happened in a year that was historically memorable due to the Corona Virus Pandemic that not only took lives and brought illness to many, but also disrupted the way of life of virtually everyone. Organizations across the country, including this one, essentially cancelled all their activities. Despite the restrictions imposed we continued, behind the scenes, to accumulate an amazing assortment of historic memorabilia of our community from its earliest days in the 1890’s to the present. In addition, being it was our 5th birthday, we were able to recognize the BPHS Charter Trustees who signed our charter on January 21, 2015. They were Paul Balukas, Leslie Barnett, Marilyn Harvey, Thomas McCarthy*, Maureen McGuire*, Cathy Murfitt, Kevin Reilly, Raymond Shawney*, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Mary Sweeney*, and Joan Wilmarth. *Deceased


The Breezy Point Historical Society’s Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with a repeat and updated version of the “Then and Now” presentaFon on Wednesday July 7th at the Point Breeze Clubhouse.

The Friberg Hotel was located just east of the Colony Theater and the Rockaway Point Dock


This year’s induction ceremonies is scheduled for Friday, August 27th, at the Colony Theater from 7:00-10:00. In order to maintain social distancing, the Hall of Fame Celebration may be limited to a Cocktail Reception rather than a dinner. In any event attendance will be strictly limited and reservations are an absolute must. The individual honorees from last year, Colonel Ted Feimer, Sr., the Friberg/Schaffner Families, along with Thom McCarthy for 2021, will be inducted. We will be honoring the Joint Action Committee, which was so pivotal in the formation of the Cooperative in 1960, at the 2022 Hall of Fame, and we invite residents to contribute information about the Committee members and their efforts.


Yes we did have an entire 2021 spring and summer schedule of planned events, walking tours, presentations and the Hall of Fame Dinner…..BUT…. the COVID 19 disaster was cause for even our attempted revised plans to be cancelled. Still subject to the decisions of Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio as far as gatherings and group meetings are concerned, we do hope to bring back community activities in 2022. Therefore, the information below may change as stemming of the virus outbreak continues and New York City is allowed to return to normal.

Rockaway & Breezy Point

Before the Government Jetty that pointers called “the rocks”

Rockaway & Breezy Point from the air Look for Oceanside, Reid, Bedford and Ocean Avenues and the beginning of “the wedge”